Other Projects

I'm posting my other projects (unpublished but interesting work) here.


ENDC: Ensemble of Narrow DNN Chains

1 minute read


Use an ensemble of very narrow (1/2-channel wide) DNNs to classify MNIST, Fashion-MNIST and CIFAR-10.

Naive VQA: Implementations of a Strong VQA Baseline

5 minute read


A Visual Question Answering model implemented in MindSpore and PyTorch. The model is a reimplementation of the paper Show, Ask, Attend, and Answer: A Strong Baseline For Visual Question Answering. It’s our final project for course DL4NLP at ZJU.

Question: What color is the girl’s necklace?
Answer: ‘white’


2 minute read


An (onbuilding) encrypted (enclave-based) heterogeneous calculation protocol based on Nvidia CUDA and Intel SGX.

Tron: a 3D WebGL Engine with a Flying Game Demo

less than 1 minute read


A group project in Computer Graphics course, including a simple but fully-featured 3D engine based on native WebGL and a wonderful flying game demo.